Los Angeles Police Academy Cafe Goes Dark

When I approached the Police Academy's Revolver Café (drenched from the pouring rain), I wondered, "What strange lighting they have..." And by strange, I meant "what very very dark lighting they have." Disoriented, I wandered into the darkness, as a couple of male voices yelled "Welcome to the party!"  Moments after, the waitress clarified that... Continue Reading →

My Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles

One highlight of Valentine's Day in Los Angeles was speed dating along Metro's Red Line. I'm not much for speed dating but couldn't resist experiencing our transit system's attempt at playing cupid. Kudos to Metro for its innovative thinking around the role of transit in a city. While the event itself may not have resulted... Continue Reading →

A belated but heartfelt wish for the new year. Thank you Grand Park (and the LA County powers that be) for hosting a public celebration that didn’t require a $30 cover charge that was easily accessible by public transportation. Sure there were some hiccups which hopefully will be improved upon December 31, 2014… but it... Continue Reading →

I not only indulge in the amazing feast spread out over Thanksgiving but I relish in the family stories shared over a long weekend with the family. Stories shared over Thanksgiving have more time to soak, marinating over multiple nights so that the next day's conversation is richer (...almost as rich as the soft warm cinnamon... Continue Reading →

Encumbered @ Echo Park Lake

I finally finally walked all around Echo Park Lake today! I live on the lake and was heartbroken when I broke my foot a week before the lake reopened in June. All summer, I've watched from my window everyone paddle along the new cleaned-up lake…feeling like a kid sequestered in summer school while friends frolic... Continue Reading →

Grannies Squared

I had a lovely Saturday visiting several Westside-ish landmarks (& friends) with mom. We started with brunch at Ray's at LACMA, followed by the Granny Squared exhibit covering the entire Craft and Folk Art Museum building.  I come from a line of women who know their way around a crochet hook, knitting needle, embroidery thread,... Continue Reading →

Never Built Los Angeles

Before I even saw the exhibit, I loved the concept of Never Built Los Angeles. It's such a simple idea, yet no one has ever asked and answered this question with an exhibition. Plus, the concept is so portable. The curators could follow this up with a series of Never Built exhibitions across the country... Continue Reading →

In her work at the Huntington Library, mom discovered a 100-year-old piece cake stored in a tin tucked away in an archive. The old piece of cake struck a very popular chord on tumbler, inspiring the Huntington's institional archivist to expand upon the cake, its original owner and the role food plays (or doesn't play)... Continue Reading →

Last night, the Echo Park Film Mobile screened "Reynar Banham Loves Los Angeles" on the grassy knoll in front of Watts Towers. The film was part of Echo Park Film Center's summer series that screens classic films in cinematic locations across Los Angeles. I've seen Banham's BBC documentary several times but wanted to see it... Continue Reading →

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