Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

A belated but heartfelt wish for the new year. Thank you Grand Park (and the LA County powers that be) for hosting a public celebration that didn’t require a $30 cover charge that was easily accessible by public transportation. Sure there were some hiccups which hopefully will be improved upon December 31, 2014… but it really was a pleasure to ring in the New Year with 20,000 of my closest friends.

So, dear Grand Park, considering I’ve celebrated your grand opening, your first birthday, Dia De Los Muertos, I look forward to more Grand Park celebrations in 2014!!


I not only indulge in the amazing feast spread out over Vintage ThanksgivingThanksgiving but I relish in the family stories shared over a long weekend with the family. Stories shared over Thanksgiving have more time to soak, marinating over multiple nights so that the next day’s conversation is richer (…almost as rich as the soft warm cinnamon rolls my aunt made for breakfast :). StoryCorps has dubbed the day after Thanksgiving a “National Day of Listening.” I’m glad StoryCorps has given a name to this unspoken holiday tradition in my family. This year’s Turkey Day shed light on my great aunt Jan, my grandmother’s sister.  Frankly, it’s hard to imagine anyone bossier than my grandmother, but her younger sister just might qualify. Continue reading

Reynar Banham Loves Watts Towers

Reynar Banham Loves Watts Towers

Last night, the Echo Park Film Mobile screened “Reynar Banham Loves Los Angeles” on the grassy knoll in front of Watts Towers. The film was part of Echo Park Film Center’s summer series that screens classic films in cinematic locations across Los Angeles. I’ve seen Banham’s BBC documentary several times but wanted to see it with an audience…going to Watts Towers for the first time was an amazing added bonus. Continue reading