Mom & Dad: Royalty To Me

My parents were married a few years after the Supreme Court legalized interracial marriages (Loving v. Virginia)…though fortunately it was made legal in California in 1948 (Perez v. Sharp). Mom was always open with me about the racism she encountered for marrying my Mexican American dad. I only wish my dad could’ve shared his experience on the issue. What did his parents say when he told them he was marrying a white woman? He died too young to ever share that with me, but based on family stories, he probably would’ve avoided the topic entirely.

I can’t help thinking that my mom would’ve had a lot to say about the interview with the redheaded prince and his biracial American wife. As a natural redhead, mom ALWAYS had something supportive to say about other redheads. While there is no comparison to be made between the former royal couple and my parents (though mom & dad will always be royalty to me 👑), mom would’ve definitely been #TeamMeghan & #TeamHarry. Their interview would’ve triggered memories about some of the racist moments with her family, including her own mom. When the topic of skin color came up, she would’ve recounted my grandmother’s first words upon seeing newborn me — “She’s white!” When I first heard this, I was stunned that my beloved grandmother even considered my skin color. While I don’t have any grand statements to make about the interview with the royal couple, I do hope that their stories help other biracial families discuss some of the deep racial wounds that still need healing within blended families.

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