Documenting #LA4Corners Walks Through Audio

As mentioned in a previous post, I helped Los Angeles Walks organize a series of four walks that navigated around Los Angeles’ original border as it was in 1850. For the organization’s Spring 2021 fundraiser, I created four short videos about our #LA4Corners series. Well, actually, these videos are more like audio slideshows, as I combined the audio I recorded on each walk with the photos I took along the walks. These were such a joy to make as I loved listening to the different ways participants valued these walks.

This first video features our first walk in 2019 along the City of Los Angeles’ original western border, led by Scott Schultz, who hosts the BUSted storytelling series:

This second video features our trek along the city’s original Southern border, led by Daveed Kapoor:

This third walk features our trip down Indiana Street, which is still the border between the City and County of Los Angeles. Also, since I organized and co-led this walk with James Rojas, I was unable to record any audio at the time, so this video is a series clips posted to Los Angeles Walks social media:

And finally, here is the fourth and final walk along the city’s northern border. This was the most difficult walk as it navigated through the hills and stairways of Elysian Park into Silver Lake. I may sound a bit out of breath as I’m interviewing folks. Sore feet aside, it was quite an amazing feeling to have completed the square that was the original border of the City of Los Angeles.

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